We Are Holic

The Way Of Professional Mining Profitability

We are a passionate cryptocurrency mining team that owns and operates a crypto mining farm in Almaty Region, in Kazakhstan

120 MW


$3.2c / KWH

We Focus On Quality,

Uptime and Profitability!

At Holic we always put quality first. By this, we mean that clients should be satisfied with our care to their investment, that all miners are continuously followed up to ensure they operate flawlessly and the customers get the most out of them.

Reliable Infrastructure

Our datacenter has three independent internet links. It is powered by an nearby power plant,

Experienced Personel

All our staff have extensive experience in installing, monitoring and hardware repairing. Customers should be rest assured that their equipment is always up and running, and whey will only need to check on their wallets

Cool weather

The weather there is perfect for mining! An average of 7 degrees Celsius on the environment helps us keep the ambient temperature inside the facility always less than 31 degrees Celsius.

What Make Us


Know-how! We are a team of highly skilled professionals and we are enthousiasts on what we do. Having already created 4 large scale facilities, we have identified and applied all our skills and experience to create the best possible result.

Our Farm

All Electricity Cooling Datacenter Repair

Our Services

Fully Manageable

We have create a customer login area, where users can view their equipment status, get hourly mining reports, request payouts, request for service and so many other handy services

In-House Technicians

All the equipment can be repaired in our facility by our trained and cerfitied specialits. We also keep replacement parts in our warehouse to speed up the maintenance process.

Extensive Monitoring

Monitoring is our passion. We monitor log and analyze everything! Temperatures, Hashpower, Profitability and many more are constantly monitorerd. We always share the results through our client area

Logistic Operations

We provide on-site logistic operations. you simply send your equipment to the farm and we will take care of installation etc. at any time if you want your equipment back , we will arrange it !

Highly Secure

We take security seriously. Our site is located on a restricted area, surrounded by concrete walls, monitored 24/7 by 94 PTZ cameras, and guarded by specialized security company.

Customer Support

We are always reachable. Our back office team is available to answer all your questions and help you resolve any issues, or just listen to your suggestions and experience.

120 MWatt

Power Capacity



150 km



Cisco Switches

Our Team

Founder & CEO
Operations Manager
Infrastructure Administrator
Software Engineer

We're Professionals
& fascinated by technology

Our goal is to provide excellent services, while we engineer everything to perfection .

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Taking fully advantage of the climate, a custom cost-efficient direct air cooling, with industrial type polymer filters, is designed to keep our equipment cool and dust proof!


Our Farm is designed to be mobile! We have designed and build a robust, easy to transport , fully accessible container-type assembly, using multi-layer steel construction


In a farm with >8000 miners, alerts occur every minute, having carefully designed, tagged, and operate in a clean and tidy environment, we identify and takle problems instantly

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